Секции управления

  • Scalable performance and functionality
  • Individual solutions for standard to high-end
  • Integrated Motion Logic with innovative technology functions
  • Open interfaces for international use
  • Certified safety technology

We can supply control units tailored to your specific application, ranging from standard to high-end applications. Integrated Motion Logic, numerous technology functions, certified safety technology and standardized interfaces leave nothing to be desired.

BASIC control units –standard performance and functionality These control units constitute the economic solution for all standard applications with moderate requirements in terms of performance and interface flexibility. A standard encoder interface for IndraDyn motors is already featured among the BASIC control units. The BASIC UNIVERSAL control units have an additional expansion slot available.

ADVANCED control units – maximum flexibility and performance These control units meet the highest requirements in terms of performance. Virtually any application can be tackled with the wide range of communication and encoder interfaces as well as analog or digital inputs and outputs.