Модульные системы IndraDrive M

  • Single-axis inverter with maximum current from 20 A to 350 A
  • Double-axis inverter with maximum current from 12 A to 36 A
  • Space-saving design for multi-axis applications
  • Can be powered via power supply unit or converter
  • Energy exchange via common DC bus

Multi-axis solution with power supplies and inverters
Multi-axis applications are the domain of the modular system IndraDrive M. Power supplies provide the necessary DC bus voltage for the inverters. Compact single-axis or double-axis inverters and power supplies with integrated mains connection components enable compact solutions for large axis groups. Maximum energy efficiency can be achieved with power supplies that are capable of mains regeneration. Besides the power recovery encountered in regenerative operation of the drives, another outstanding feature of these devices is the closed-loop DC bus.

A combination of IndraDrive C converters and modular IndraDrive M inverters is a particularly cost-effective solution for small axis groups. The converter for the first axis supplies the inverters of the other axes at the same time. In this case, a converter with sufficient power reserve must be selected in order to be able to supply the smaller inverters as well.