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Технологии безопасности

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Intelligent and safe

  • Safety category 3 PL d, SIL 2
  • Extensive safety functions
  • Minimum response times
  • Independent of the control system
  • Straightforward integration in the machine

Whether for machine tools, printing and packaging or mounting, handling and robotics applications – protecting people from uncontrolled machine movements is top priority.

Clear guidelines issued by the EU
All machine manufacturers are obliged to carry out a hazard evaluation and risk analysis prior to construction. This is stipulated in the European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG. Moreover, any potential hazards detected must be eliminated step by step. Safety should be integrated in the machinery and meet current standards in technology.
How safe can you get?
IndraDrive is redefining current standards in technology because IndraDrive integrates the safety directly in the drive, resulting in ultra-short response times. IndraDrive therefore demonstrates the current capacities and requirements of safety technology – IndraDrive is faster because the movement is monitored directly where it is generated. This is the critical advantage, especially when it comes to monitoring direct drives or other high-dynamic drives, for example.
Quickest reaction time with highest drive dynamics
With the new IndraDrive generation from Rexroth, a variety of safety functions are available right inside the drive – without any detours through the control. This increases reliability, saves on additional monitoring components and reduces installation cost and effort.
It is all made possible by redundant software and hardware components in the drive. The non-contacting monitoring of all set limit values enables very short response times of less than 2 ms. As soon as a fault is detected, all the drives are automatically stopped depending on the stop category selected (0, 1 and 2).
Safety functions inside the drive effectively protect people and machine

  • High reliability due to certified integrated safety functions
  • Extremely fast reaction times (< 2 ms) for communication with internal monitors
  • No need for additional measuring systems or sensors
  • Online dynamic sampling of the inputs and shutoff paths while work is in progress
  • PROFIsafe interface with reduced configuration and installation effort and safe, decentralizes I/Os
  • Reduced certification effort and short series start-up times
Technical data
Safe Torque Off (STO)
Safe Torque Safe Torque Off (STO) Stop category 0 in accordance with ICE 60204-1: Safe drive torque cut off
Safe Stop and Safe Drive Interlock (SS1)
Safe Stop and Safe Drive Interlock (SS1) Safe Stop and Safe Drive Interlock (SS1) Safe Stop 1 Stop category 1 in accordance with ICE 60204-1: Safely monitored stop, control or drive controlled with safe drive torque cut off
Safe Operating Stop (SS2, SOS)
Safe Operating Stop (SS2, SOS) Stop category 2 in accordance with ICE 60204-1: Safely monitored stop with safely monitored standstill at controlled torque
Safely Limited Speed (SLS)
Safely Limited Speed (SLS) If enable signal is given a safely limited speed is monitored in special operating mode
Safely Monitored Direction (SDI)
Safely Monitored Direction (SDI) A safe direction (clockwise, counterclockwise) is also monitored in addition to safe motion
Safely Monitored Position (SMP)
Safely Monitored Position (SMP) A safely limited position range is also monitored in addition to safe motion
Safe Inputs/Outputs (SIO)
Safe Inputs/Outputs (SIO) Dual-channel safety peripherals can be connected to the drive and made available to the controller via the safety bus
Safe Maximum Speed (SMS)
Safe Maximum Speed (SMS) The maximum speed is safely monitored irrespectice of the mode of operation
Safe Braking and Holding System (SBS)
Safe Braking and Holding System (SBS) The safe braking and holding system controls and monitors two independent brakes
Safe Door Locking (SDL)
Safe Braking and Holding System (SBS) When all the drives in one protection zone are in safe status, the safety door lock is released
Safely Limited Increment (SLI)
Safely Limited Increment (SLI) If enable signal is given a safely limited increment is monitored in special operating mode
Safely Monitored Deceleration (SMD)
Safely Monitored Deceleration (SMD) Safely monitored deceleration ramp when stopping with predeternining characteristics
Safely Limited Position (SLP)
Safely Limited Position (SLP) Monitoring of safe software limit switches
Safe Communication (SCO)
Safely Limited Position (SLP) Selection/deselection of safety functions and transfer of process data (e.g. actual position values) via sfety bus
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